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a speech in Congress by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), on

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Full Text Below, adapted from the Congressional Record.

Mr. Speaker, the IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups with extra scrutiny, demanding donor lists, meeting minutes, personal member information, and even Facebook activity. The Justice Department was caught essentially spying on the Associated Press. And the White House continues to twist itself in knots explaining why it misled the American public in the aftermath of Benghazi.

The administration's apologists are in a panic. They claim the President is not responsible for any of this wrongdoing. The President, who made a career touting government as the solution to most every problem, now solicits our understanding. It seems the leviathan is rather unwieldy and difficult to manage.

This is my shocked face.

These scandals are byproducts of government too big for its britches and proof that the IRS should not be given more power to manage our health care.

House Republicans are committed to a smarter, accountable government that works for the people and safeguards liberty against tyranny and bureaucratic incompetence. That starts with repealing ObamaCare.